How to successfully perform shock ozone treatments

Follow our guide to use ozone in any space 500-4000sqft.
For cars and small spaces see the HOSE ASSEMBLY section.
PRINT OWNERS MANUAL at the bottom of this page.

1: Tools you may need

Most projects can be completed in short time with only one MaxBlaster ozone generator and a few common household tools.

  • Fans
  • Ladder or Elevation hanger
  • Timer
  • Extention cord
  • Dehumidifier*

*For all projects it is very important that the  humidity level does not exceed 55% during treatment. If you are working in a musty basement, recently carpet-cleaned space, wet vehicle or damp area please use a dehumdifier and/or other drying tools to make sure the space is very dry during treatment. 

2: Start by cleaning

Ozone generators are not magic boxes that take the place of old fashioned cleaning methods. Clean the space prior to treatment and eliminate any obvious source of odor/mold.

  • Use organic based cleaners
  • Focus on problem areas
  • Floors, countertops, walls
  • Stop the source of odor/mold
  • Damaged areas restored*

*For any space that has had significant fire, flood, or mold damage professional preparation work is often required. This can include removing carpets and tearing out walls to get to the source of the odor/mold. Most projects simply require basic cleaning efforts.

3: Expose all surfaces

Ozone will not easily penetrate through walls and fabric so open everything up in the space that you are trying to treat to allow ozone to eventually reach it.

  • Open cabinets, drawers
  • Open closets, doors
  • Lift mattresses, cushions
  • Separate clothes, items
  • Open glove boxes, visors

You want high concentrations of O3 gas to saturate all surface space of your treatment area so keep everything open and exposed. If you dont need to treat the entire home you can close doors and seal off rooms to focus ozone concentration into individual spaces. 

4: Allow oxygen source

Ozone generators need oxygen to breathe to convert into ozone. During treatment you should allow some oxygen to enter the space by keeping a window or door open just a crack.

  • Keep windows open 1"
  • Allow oxygen source
  • Oxygen is converted into O3
  • Cars, small spaces must use hose*

*For small space treatments including cars, boats, closets, and room under 500sqft the hose assembly is required. The MaxBlaster creates too much ozone and needs too much oxygen to breathe to remain inside a small space. Within seconds it would be recycling ozone. Instead use the hose assembly.

5. Place ozone generator at elevation

The ideal location for an ozone generator is closer to the ceiling where a greater supply of oxygen is located. Remember, oxygen is lighter than ozone and concentrates higher in the space during treatment.

  • Put ozone generator high in room
  • Use our elevation hangers
  • Or use ladder to elevate machine
  • Allows machine to breathe O2

All projects are unique and each individual space has different dimensions. But in all applications it is important to maximize the oxygen supply entering the machine. Be smart in how you set up the ozone generator to allow it to breathe the most quality, low-humidity air.

NOTE: It is not mandatory that you use our elevation hanging system. It is a great way to set up the equipment however you can replicate the same approach by simply placing the machine at elevation (ladder, refridgerator) and using common household fans throughout the space to increase ozone distribution.

6. Position fans for good distribution

The overall goal of shock ozone treatment is to saturate the entire space with high concentrations of ozone gas. Use whatever measures necessary to increase the distribution of ozone throughout the area.

  • Leave central air system on
  • Run ceiling fans, room fans
  • Position a fan close to MaxBlaster
  • Increase ozone distribution

One of the most efficient ways to set up your ozone generator (pictured) is with our elevation hanging system. This keeps the MaxBlaster in ideal position closer to the ceiling and immediately distributes ozone throughout the space as it passes across the 2500cfm fan.

7. Set ozone treatment time

The MaxBlaster produces high concentrations of ozone in shorter periods of time than most ozone generators. You do not need to run it all day long to achieve results.

  • Run about 1hr per 1000sqft
  • Short blast ozone cycles
  • Does not need to run all day
  • Quick ozone saturation

Use the digital timer to program the MaxBlaster to automatically turn off after your desired treatment time is complete. Or use it to program the ozone generator to turn on any day of the week for any length of time. If you dont use the timer prepare to turn on the machine and exit the space quickly.

8. Begin ozone application

Once the MaxBlaster is turned on it begins to generate high concentrations of ozone gas. When positioned next to our 2500cfm fan it is immediately distributed throughout the space and easily detectable from several hundred feet within seconds.

  • Commercial O3 generation
  • Reaches 1000ft in seconds
  • High concentration in minutes
  • Complete treatment in hours*

*Do not over-run the MaxBlaster for many hours at one time. It reaches high concentrations in short cycles and thus becomes inefficient to run any longer. Fill the space up with ozone, let it saturate for a short time, then air it out.

9. Complete shock treatment

By saturating an entire space with high concentrations of ozone gas you can effectively neutralize odor and mold-causing VOC's at their molecular source.

  • Complete odor elimination
  • Homes, real estate
  • Musty basements
  • Cigarette odors
  • Autos, boats
  • Hotels, small rooms
  • Apparel, items
  • Fire, Flood, Mold damage
  • Permanent odor solution
  • No harsh chemicals, residue

10. Air space out before reoccupying

Once the ozone cycle has been complete it is important to air the space out back to regular oxygen as quickly as possible. Use fans, open windows and doors to create a cross-draft that speeds up oxygen renewal.

  • Open windows and doors
  • Create cross-draft
  • Renew fresh oxygen
  • Air ozone out of space

If you are unable to open windows & doors it is advised to keep the space unoccupied for up to 24 hours as ozone naturally breaks back down to oxygen. The faster you can air the space out the faster you can return occupancy and/or complete another ozone cycle.

What does it smell like?

Do you know the smell of outdoor air right after a thunderstorm? That's ozone. Nature produces elevated ozone levels during storms that organically purify the air.

Ozone generators artificially recreate this same process, only in much higher levels to permanently neutralize odor molecules at their molecular source.

During treatment high levels of ozone are uncomfortable to breathe so enter/exit quickly or use a respirator mask.

But when finished and aired out the entire space will smell fresh, clean, organic and green. Noticeable results are achieved after only one treatment, problem areas sometimes need more.

Other notes about ozone treatments...


Ozone generators are safe to use when used properly. If you breathe too much ozone it may disturb your lungs and irritate your senses. But it's nothing to be afraid of and anyone can use ozone safely with our guide.

  • Remove people & pets
  • Unoccupy space
  • Place equipment intelligently
  • Follow owners manual

Like any electric device please use caution. Prepare the treatment space intelligently so that nobody is exposed to too much ozone during treatment. Contact us first if you have any questions about how to use the machines in the safest, most efficient manner.

Hose assembly

Remember, the MaxBlaster is a high-output ozone generator that requires a good supply of oxygen to convert into ozone. For small spaces including cars, boats, bathrooms and closets use the hose assembly to allow the MaxBlaster to remain outside the space

  • Cars, boats, closets, small rooms
  • Duct work, target areas
  • Enter hose into treatment area
  • Allows machine to breathe O2

This prevents the MaxBlaster from recycling ozone from within the space and instead allows it to breathe fresh oxygen from outside the space. It improves efficiency and prolongs the lifespan of the machine.

Autos, small spaces & duct work

The MaxBlaster almost instantly fills small spaces with shock levels of ozone and does not need to be run all day long to achieve results. Run the machine in 30 minute sessions and be sure to air it out after each cycle.

  • Fast 30-minute treatments
  • Enter hose through window
  • Instant ozone saturation

After 30 minutes air out the space. You will notice immediate results. For more difficult problem spaces you may need to repeat the process. However follow our guide and do not run the machine all day long at once. Air it out after each 30 minute session.

MaxBlaster Operators Guide

  • How to do shock ozone treatments
  • Neutralize odors/mold with ozone
  • Homes, autos, commercial spaces
  • Simple set-up guidelines
  • Fast treatment times

Learn how to do professional grade ozone treatments that eliminate odors & mold in a variety of applications. Download and print a free copy of our operators manual below...

Instructions for shock ozone treatments

If you can understand the basic principals of successful shock ozone treatment you can apply it to any project including homes, basements, autos, apparel and any space up to 4000sqft.

Please apply our experience to your project the best that you can. Each project is slightly unique. Adjust the following instructions to meet your specific application while trying to meet all of the optimal conditions for best results.


Clean the source

First clean the space using normal cleaning methods. We recommend using cleaners that are organic based and do not leave behind any chemical residue. This may include washing walls, floors, counter tops, sinks, floorboards, etc depending on the severity of the odor problem. Your goal is to stop whatever is causing the odor at its source. Some projects may require very little up-front cleaning while others may require extensive work. The better you are able to stop and clean the original source of the odor the better results you will achieve with the ozone generator. For heavily damaged homes commercial work including tearing out walls, removing carpeting is often required. Ozone generators are not a magic solution. They are power tools that can be used as part of the cleaning process. But they do not eliminate the need to properly clean and prepare the space for treatment. Stop the source first if you want permanent results.

Reduce humidity

Make sure the space is very dry and free of excess humidity. No wet floors, upholstery, or moist should enter the machine. If the humidity level in the space is above 60% it is mandatory that you use a dehumidifier first before running the ozone generator. In any case ozone is more potent the lower the humidity so using a dehumidifier is always beneficial to any project. This rule is extremely important. DO NOT run the MaxBlaster in very high humidity conditions as it will effect the effectiveness of treatment and the long term performance of the internal plate structure. If you are treating a car or small space and using the hose assembly make sure the air the machine is breathing is low in humidity. Do not run the machine outside when it is raining or misty. If you have recently cleaned your carpets with chemical cleaners do not run the machine while the floor is still damp. In all treatments low humidity is very important. Use dehumidifiers and proper drying tools if necessary to ensure absolute dry surface areas.

Expose all surface areas

Keep all surface areas exposed by leaving any drawers, cabinets, glove boxes, bed mattresses and closets open that need reached. Ozone does not easily pass through materials and fabrics so be sure to arrange all items in the room so they can be easily saturated with ozone. Ozone will not penetrate through walls. If you need to get ozone into harder to reach, smaller spaces we recommend using the hose assembly to allow the machine to stay outside the treatment area. If you are treating items, such as clothes, uniforms or books you should separate each individual item and arrange it so ozone can reach all surfaces.

Increase air distribution

Leave the air system (if any) running in the space to allow distribution through the central air vents. Turn on any ceiling fans, floor fans, and/or use our recommended elevation protocol for optimal results. You want good air distribution throughout the entire space to help ozone circulate across all surface areas. Simple fans work fine. The more circulation the better. Any fans that you use can then be used to help air out the space after treatment.

Allow feed oxygen

Do not close the treatment space off air tight as it may create back-pressure on the machine and lessen the overall efficiency of treatment. Keep one or two windows in the treatment area open slightly (1-2") to allow some oxygen to enter / exit during treatment. Do not open windows so far that too much ozone can escape during treatment. You only want a small amount of oxygen to enter the space during treatment so only leave 1-2 windows open slightly. If you are treating a small space under a few hundred square feet we recommend using the hose assembly to allow the machine to remain outside the treatment space. You can also attach the hose assembly to the inlet end of the machine and allow the hose to draw fresh oxygen from an adjacent room with greater oxygen supply. For vehicles, boats and RV's be sure to leave another window open slightly in the cabin to allow some oxygen / ozone exchange.

Place machine at elevation

Arrange the MaxBlaster so that it is higher in the room, closest to the ceiling. Ozone generators need oxygen to breathe to convert into ozone. Ozone is heavier than oxygen and tends to move downward. The ideal location for all ozone generators is higher in the room where a greater concentration of oxygen required to feed the machine is located during treatment. Use our elevation protocol hanging system or place the ozone generator on a ladder for optimal results. If you are treating a small space and using the hose assembly to allow the machine to remain in an oxygen rich area it is not necessary to keep the machine at elevation.

Prepare to unoccupy

The MaxBlaster produces very high concentrations of ozone gas that exceed EPA safe-breathing levels. It is mandatory that the treatment space be unoccupied during treatment. Once the machine and fans are positioned in place prepare to exit the space quickly. Once the ozone machine is turned on the space should remain unoccupied throughout its cycle.It is possible to enter/exit the space quickly with no irritation but if you breathe too much ozone it can disturb your lungs. Use caution and common sense. Ozone in high concentrations is safe to work around if you plan properly. If you are attempting to run the machine in one part of your home while another part remains occupied seal the treatment area and allow the occupied portion to remain well ventilated. Ozone in small doses smells good, only if you breathe too much can it become a little uncomfortable. Adjust your protocol accordingly to maintain safety.


Run times

The MaxBlaster produces very high concentrations of ozone will saturate entire spaces very quickly. It is NOT a low output ozone generator that you leave running half/all day long. Instead it is used in short blast cycles of only a few hours at one time. Run times vary slightly between the MaxBlaster 12000 and the MaxBlaster PRO 15000 but for both machines the general rule is one hour per 1000sqft. The PRO 15000 model decreases run times by approximately 25%. Read the owners manual included with the ozone generator for accurate run time suggestions. You can use the timer (optional) to program the machine to turn on automatically and to turn off by countdown or time of day. We recommend positioning fans near the ozone generator to help immediately distribute ozone farther throughout the space. For cars and small spaces it is only necessary to run the machine for about 30 minutes for one treatment. Do not over-run the machine. It is better to do short cycles of high concentration followed by a period of airing out the space before continuing with any further treatment.

Short blast cycles

It is important not to over-run the machine at one time. Some people assume that if we instruct them to run the machine for one hour to get good results that they could run it for 10 hours and get great results. This is only partly true. While producing more ozone will always be beneficial it is much more efficient to air out the space after each short blast ozone cycle. Other lower output machines need several hours to achieve high concentrations. The MaxBlaster reaches high levels much quicker, usually within 1hr per 1000sqft. Once the space has been saturated the value of new ozone is minimized and thus becomes inefficient. It is more effective to reach high levels of ozone quickly, then air the space out back to oxygen before continuing with any further ozone treatment (if necessary). One way to view this scenario is to consider washing very dirty clothes: is it better to wash them for 10 hours straight in one cycle or would you get better results washing and rinsing multiple times over those same 10 hours? Apply the same thought process to ozone treatments.

Airing out the space

Once the ozone machine is turned off open all windows, doors and vents in an effort to air the space back to regular oxygen. When you enter the space it will smell heavily of ozone in combination with the reacting molecules. It will stink, and may be uncomfortable for you to breathe for more than a few minutes. So prepare to enter and exit quickly while opening windows and doors behind you as you exit. You can use the same fans that you positioned in the room during treatment to help air the space out and accelerate the rate of oxygen renewal. The space will continue to retain a strong scent of ozone in combination with the reacting odor & mold molecules. Over time as the space is aired out and returns to normal oxygen levels there should be a noticeable difference in the air quality. It is important not to over run the high output Maxblaster as it may result in a significantly longer airing out period. We recommend airing the space out after running the machine about 1 hour per 1000sqft.

Reoccupy the space

How soon you can reoccupy the space depends on how well you can air it out after the ozone cycle. If you cannot air out the space after treatment and instead wait for the ozone to naturally dissipate back to oxygen it can take over 24 hours before the space can be reoccupied. However if you can rapidly air out the space with blowers & fans you can return the space to live able air in a little as an hour. Smaller spaces take less time to air out. For commercial contractors one of the most important elements to success is having the ability to rapidly air out a space. Air movers and industrial blowers are recommended. For the average home owner simple fans and opening doors are usually enough to air a home out in a couple of hours. Most people use their own best judgment in deciding when it is safe to return. If you smell just a little bit of ozone it can be pleasant and safe but if you breathe too much it can be mildly irritating. Use caution but do not be over-afraid. Common sense is all that's required.  

Other Notes


When used properly high concentration ozone generators are very safe to use. Ozone is not flammable. The MaxBlaster has been fire inspected and radio graphed to determine it is a very safe electrical machine. However like any electric device always use with caution. Always place the MaxBlaster is a sturdy location. Do not allow children to use ozone generators. Do not over-run the machine at any one time as recycling ozone and reacting molecules continuously for more than 12 hours could yield unexpected results. Run the machine in short cycles and air the space out in between each treatment. Inspect the space after each treatment. Virtually no risk of damage to any solid material exists when used according to this protocol. Ozone is used by professional detailers who do work on very expensive cars. There is no history of ozone doing any damage to interior spaces in all of our experience.


When not in use please store the MaxBlaster indoors in a dry location that does not experience significant temperature fluctuations over time. Keep the industrial desiccant bag (included with each MaxBlaster) next to the machine during storage to help keep excess humidity off of the internal 7-plate structure. The ideal conditions to store any ozone generator are in areas that are below 50% humidity and between 65-70 degrees at all times.

Hose assembly

When treating small spaces less than 500sqft including cars, boats, closets and bathrooms it is highly recommended to use the hose assembly to allow the machine to remain outside of the treatment space. The MaxBlaster is a high-capacity ozone generator that needs oxygen to breathe to convert into ozone. In small spaces the MaxBlaster almost immediately reaches high concentrations of ozone. Leaving the machine inside such spaces would result in recycling ozone instead of breathing fresh oxygen. Use the hose assembly to push ozone into a window or door of the small space for optimal results and long term performance of the ozone generator

DIY vs Commercial

The MaxBlaster may be used for simple DIY home projects or by commercial businesses for professional treatments. The main difference that commercial companies provide versus residential DIY treatments is often the speed at which a project may be completed. Commercial companies often use multiple machines to reach high concentration 'shock' ozone levels quicker than using only one machine. Please note that each of our products offers quantity discounts that can empower commercial businesses to use multiple machines and thus get jobs done faster with greater earnings potential.

Replacement parts

All ozone generators use a unique electric reaction to convert oxygen into ozone and ea sh uses sensitive components that require proper application and storage. Be sure to read the owners manual and follow the instructions on this page to maximize the long term value of your machine. Over time the only component that needs replaced in the MaxBlaster is the generator pack. We offer a comprehensive service department with many options that assures you replacement parts as needed over time. Regular homeowners who only use the MaxBlaster infrequently around the house most likely will never need to replace the generator pack. However it is wise for commercial businesses that use the machines on a regular basis in often harsher conditions to expect to replace the generator pack over time. The average lifespan for the generator pack in commercial applications is between 6-18 months.


We do not sell dehumidifiers on our website. However they are very important to use for any project in which the humidity level in the treatment space exceeds 55%. Buy one, rent one, or borrow one prior to running the ozone machine if the space you are treating is higher in humidity. This will greatly enhance the performance of the ozone machine and prolong the life of the internal components.

For those who only have a one time use for our machine we recommend purchasing one MaxBlaster ozone generator along with any individual accessories that might apply to your specific application. If you are a commercial business or wish to use ozone on a professional level we recommend one of our value packs.

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