2019 maxblaster ozone generator
2019 ozone generator for odor removal

I'm a little too busy to list all the emails customers send me but here are just a few examples of those I receive. Over 99% of my customers seem to genuinely appreciate how we make our own machines, sell them direct, and offer lifelong service helping them get great results.

From: dew
Sent:Fri 12/4/2015 10:32 PM
MaxBlaster Ozone (maxblaster@outlook.com);
Mr Mankis,
I received my new unit today and put it to use right away .Works great!
I see that you upgraded my unit to the Pro version.I am very impressed with your customer service
It’s the details that make and keep happy customers.
Thanks,Don Wright

From: Rodney H
Sent:Tue 8/25/2015 11:39 AM
MaxBlaster Ozone (maxblaster@outlook.com);
Hey Greg

Received my MaxBlaster Pro a couple of weeks ago and it surpasses all of my expectations. Have only used it a few times but the results have been fantastic: odors gone and a fresh clean smell left behind. Later this fall we will try it on a 1972 Mercedes that has been in storage (unheated garage) for more than 20 years.


btw: Thanks for the upgrade to the pro.

From: willandkalima
Sent:Mon 7/13/2015 8:11 PM
MaxBlaster Ozone (maxblaster@outlook.com);
Hi Greg,
Maxblaster arrived!
We are delighted :-))
It's truly a great unit.
Thank you so much ! ! !
Five Stars ??????????

Kalima & Will

From: Lt. D.M.
Sent:Tue 6/16/2015 1:25 PM
'MaxBlaster Ozone' (maxblaster@outlook.com);
'Lt. D.M.

Thank you for allowing us to test out the MaxBlaster ozone generator. It works very well and keeps the odor of items in our evidence room down to a minimum. While I doubt any ozone generator can render the odor of certain items undetectable to the discerning nose of a trained officer or K-9, the MaxBlaster has made the area around our evidence room very tolerable. I would recommend the same machine to other departments with similar needs.


Lt. D.M>
Amherst Police Department

From: Robert R
Sent:Tue 1/20/2015 4:23 PM
Wanted to thank you very very much for making ozone machine available to general public! I can't stand cigarette smoke SMELL bought car that had been smoked in:-(
Used Max Blaster for 1 hr treatment smell gone, will recommend to everyone I meet , that impressive! Sending pic of how I treated my Limo.


From: John C
Sent:Mon 12/29/2014 8:56 PM
Hi Greg and Alex,

Just a quick report on the Salve that Ed dropped off for me to try… As you already know we now have 2 of your OZONE machines and we have used them to kill multiple mold issues as we work in peoples homes. I have used them in my cars and trucks to also remove musty orders due to mud in trucks etc. THEY SIMPLE WORK PERFECT THE FIRT TIME / ODER GONE_/SORCE OF ODER GONE!

So I was already an advacate of OZONE thinking! I have been doing my own research on different things that would help people heal wounds that are found throughout the world. As you know we do mission work in various countries were medicine is almost non existent due to the remote areas.. As I was researching basic ideas i WAS drawn to what did they do in early times that were recorded in Scripture… If your recall anything throughout Scripture it is that they used Olive Oil for just about anything that needed healed ///// SO WHY LOOK ANY FURTHER!

I had also been intriged with Oxygen chamber therapy , Pure air is an almost perfect killer of Bacteria/// SO when you put the two together its most assuredly going to do something?!?!?!

Well the day Ed dropped the salve of and asked me to try it I had been the victim of a Pyle of plywood tipping over and going down my shin! It took off hyde/ hair, bone —I was a mess! So I thought what better test than me! Within 10 days of applying ONLY this ------not only did I heal but there is NO Trace of any injury ! Next I had a very prolonged case of ( Jungle rote) The same thing solders get ! I had gotten it in 1990 in West Africa and had been treating it for all of these years— trying every brand of fungus killer there is! Within 4 days this 20 yr old haunting itch is gone! Toes have completely cleared!
I am now comparing it on split fingers! I am outside alot and they simply dry out! This has really helped but its hard to go somewhere with it on due to the OZONE oder!

I will be taking some with me to our next Mission project in Africa for BURNS! Just the simple fact that it is self disinfecting is extremely extremely valuable

Thanks for letting me be a test run!! It will always be in out supplies from now ON!

John C.
Dir. Steppin Out Missions
Sugarcreek Ohio

From: JCF
Sent:Wed 7/16/2014 12:44 PM
MaxBlaster Ozone (maxblaster@outlook.com);
Hi Greg,
Hi it's Jonathan in Port Charlotte Florida. I moved back into my house a couple of weeks ago, and I'm painting and doing other interior finish work.
I just want to say, apart from getting a new roof and stopping any further water intrusion, my Maxblaster ozone generator has been the biggest factor in making my house a clean, safe, odor free and comfortable environment again. I think the indoor air quality at my place is even better than my friends house where I was staying while my house got a new roof and remediation.
The fact that I was able to run repeated
multiple treatments on a timer during the nights that I was away, was a big factor too. Using a hepa-vac and doing other work on the house helped, but the real difference was ozone.
I will continue to run ozone treatments every so often while I'm out of the house, to keep any possible mold, bacteria and odors away.
Thanks again,

From: therealguv@xxxxxxx.xxx
Date: Tue, July 16, 2013 9:51 pm
To: greg@ozonegeneratorsusa.com


Thank you very much for MAXBLASTER! We received the PRO unit yesterday... What a BLAST!!! Your website description of this machine is highly understated . This unit puts out more and purer ozone in ½ hour than machines of equal cost produce in one whole day. (I used to sell and repair medical equipment for medical professionals and institutions). You have traded pure ozone generating power in exchange for high price and marketing gimmicks of confusing, user unfriendly, unnecessary, unwanted circuitry and short machine life of other manufacturers. It is my suspicion that non-essential circuitry makes up huge portions of the cost of most ozone generating machines: • Timing controls • Intensity controls • Frequency controls • Plate Select controls • Fan Speed controls • Remote controls • &c. When unnecessary circuitry is contained within a machine's casing, ozone generated within the unit corrodes circuit boards, components, connections and insulation, resulting in shortened system life. Plus , ozone degeneration of plates, circuitry and insulating material results in reduction and contamination of ozone gas emitted from the generator. Having owned several different machines of various manufacture, I am telling you: My search for ozone generators is over! Your machine is perfect for my needs. It is endless in application (home, industrial, commercial, institutional, medical, personal, hygenical,, food preparation, food storage, &c., &c.). No one paid me for this evaluation. The above statement(s) may be reproduced, published, used completely or in part for private or commercial purpose as you see fit. 

Most Sincerely, I am,

Miles Newland

I am a believer!!!!
From: "Thomas Grove" <thomasgrv@xxxxxx.xxx>
Date: Sun, February 17, 2013 7:18 pm
To: "Greg@OzoneGeneratorsUSA.com" <Greg@OzoneGeneratorsUSA.com>



I wanted to let you know that Your product is amazing. We have a cat that got real sick in our Jeep Liberty on the way to the vet and to top it off another cat got into my Jeep when I left the windows down a few days later and sprayed all over the inside of the vehicle. Man, I tried everything. Air fresheners, baking soda, odor eaters, totally soaked the carpet with carpet cleaner and vacuumed it out, even sprayed underarm deodorant all over the upholstery and under the seats. It really stank!!! Worse in hot humid weather. Well one fifteen minute session with your ozone machine completely, and I mean totally knocked the problem out. You are welcome to use my testimony if you want to. It was great to buy something that more than did what it promised.
Tom Grove

RE: MaxBlasterUSA Ozone Inquiry
From: "Eleanor Beatty" <elandsal@xxxxx.xxx>
Date: Mon, June 4th, 2012 12:09 pm
To: <greg@ozonegeneratorsusa.com>
Priority: Normal


Thank you for your quick response it helped us greatly with the attic. We ran it like we talked about with the Maxxblaster positioned on the ladder and it seemed to work very well. We did the three short period treatments like you suggested and when Sal's folks arrived there wasn't even a mention of the bad smell. It's now a week later and we still cant smell anything, although we did run it again over the weekend just because we liked the smell after the treatment. I look forward to getting the hose attachment soon. Thanks for all your assistance.


RE: MaxBlasterUSA Ozone Inquiry
From: "Dimitri Salivaras" <dsalivaras@xxx.xxx>
Date: Mon, May 21, 2012 12:37 pm
To: <greg@ozonegeneratorsusa.com>
Priority: Normal

Hey greg & mike.

I just wanted to thank you for rushing the max blaster out to me so quickly for my 'emergency' situation. although it turned out to be not as bad as we discussed the max blaster really did an amazing job of clearing up the smoke odor part of the project. We used it like you suggested room by room and it was easy as heck... much simpler than I thought. Anyways, I appreciatte the good service, friendly advice and great product. I should be getting more once we land the second part of this job with the additional 100+ rooms. Thanks again, have a good summer!

Dimitri Salivaras
Great Lakes Construction & Demolition

RE: MaxBlasterUSA Ozone Inquiry
From: "Dot Mariano" <dotmariano@xxxxx.xxx>
Date: Wed, March 28, 2012 12:05 am
To: "PERSONAL - Greg from MAXblaster Ozone" <greg@ozonegeneratorsusa.com>
Priority: Normal

Greg: Thank you so much! Got the replacement parts. :) Appreciate the customer service. You guys are absolutely THE best!! Best Wishes for Utmost Success, Dot Mariano New England Sales Rep

Re: MaxBlaster TRACKING
From: "Ricardo Gross" <gross.ricardo@xxxxx.xxx>
Date: Sat, March 24, 2012 8:50 am
To: greg@ozonegeneratorsusa.com
Priority: Normal

Greg, Good morning. The ozone generator arrived, already tested and worked properly. Excellent product, congratulations. Ricardo Gross

Re: Thank you for your order!
Date: Sat, March 17, 2012 12:57 pm
To: Greg@ozonegeneratorsusa.com
Priority: Normal

Hi Greg, I just wanted to thank you for your OUTSTANDING service and OUTSTANDING product. You are an honest individual and in this day that is HARD to find. This is the REAL DEAL and the only regret that I have is that I did not buy one sooner. I wasted $200 on an inferior machine prior to buying yours. I look forward to being your customer for years to come. I will do my best to get you as many customers as possible. Sincerely, Steve P

Re: Re: MaxBlasterUSA Ozone Inquiry
Date: Wed, December 28, 2011 1:45 am
To: greg@ozonegeneratorsusa.com
Priority: Normal

Greg, I'm sorry I meant the filter in the air handler, not the maxblaster. Thanks, Bill Oh by the way , blasted the auto over the weekend. Today it was bug free. We ozoned the house for four hours and when I came back to open the windows and turn the machine off. Well ,,,, there were thousands of DEAD mites over all the countertops. Tell any one who asks that your machine also kills insects as well as mold and mildew. It got rid of the cedar smell that was a residue of intense fogging with cedarcide oil for four months. Our home has not smelled so fresh and clean in a long time. It also eliminated some of the mildew in a shower. Tomorrow I am going to ozone the bathroom to get the rest of it. My wife is no longer depressed, nor am I for we now see light at the end of the tunnel, after almost a year of battling these biting mites. Her doctor recommended the machine. He uses it in his practice. Thank you so much. I will keep you posted. We were virtual recluses because of this problem. We are both in our mid-seventies and felt that perhaps this would prove to be life-threatning , Your machine has given us a much better quality of life. We cannot thank you enough. Bill

From: "Ken Jones" <kajones@xxxx.net>
Date: Wed, November 9, 2011 5:29 pm
To: greg@ozonegeneratorsusa.com
Priority: Normal
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Okay Greg, here’s the scoop. I took the MaxBlaster to Illinois and the guys
up there agreed to let me set it up in their tack room where they kept their
hunting gear between hunts. I know you are not a deer hunter but believe me
when I tell you that they can smell like a blood hound and they travel into
the wind whenever possible. There is no possible way to fool their sense of
smell 100% or even 90% and the older the deer the smarter they are (we are
hunting the old, mature bucks with the big antlers). The goal is to reduce
your scent footprint as much as possible through a variety of methods and
still try to set up down wind of where you think they might travel. We also
hunt 20 to 30’ off the ground to help disburse our scent. There are products
available to remove human and other odor from skin and clothes that work
fairly well but do require some time and effort that makes it difficult to
do before every hunt (i.e. take a shower or wash clothes). I usually carry 3
sets of clothes for a one week hunt and try to keep my spares in a special
scent proof bag ($29.95). Problem is that some of the gear can’t be
effectively cleaned. Backpacks, bows & arrows, binocular straps, hats,
boots, gloves, calls, tree stands, etc. pick up odors over time from riding
around in the back of the truck or being worn against the body. All of these
can easily be washed between hunts by your unit. This prospect alone had
everybody excited to try it.

We set up in the tack room by building a rack out of 2x4s and saw horses to
supplement the hooks already on the walls. We hung the MaxBlaster from a
ceiling hook located near the window which we cracked an inch or so. The
humidity was pretty low the first few days we were there so I felt pretty
good about that. We spread our gear out on the rack and hooks and washed it
for about 2 ½ hours. This became the SOP after each hunt. While it is hard
to prove a negative, all indications are that the ozone worked to reduce our
scent footprint by a very significant margin. I was forced to hunt from the
ground one evening and had deer downwind of me as close as 25’. This is
absolutely unheard of. These deer could see me and knew I didn’t belong but
never spooked and ran off. The other guys had similar experiences and while
we did get busted a couple of times, the general opinion was that the ozone
wash was extremely effective in reducing our scent footprint. I wore the
same clothes for 4 days until it rained and soaked them making them
impossible to wear and difficult to ozone.

the average hunting experience of the guys involved is around 35 years. None
of us are rookies and none of us are ready to swear that ozone washing is
the answer. We will continue to experiment and experience until we have a
definitive answer. The Illinois guys made me leave my unit with them and the
PA guys will be getting their own unit, as will my hunting buddy since he
lives too far from me to use mine. I recommended they use the MaxBlaster and
gave them your website. I will need another unit since mine is still in Ill.
But realize that it might take a while since I already used up my “rush
delivery” favor. I strongly suggest you work a deal with the Illinois guys
to feature your unit on one of their TV episodes because I believe, if the
evidence stays strong, that they will work a deal with someone and that it
will result in a significant number of sales. Might as well be you.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that we had a very positive experience and
I appreciate all the help and info you provided. I will provide updates as
they become available and if you have any brain storms that might help us
along please don’t hesitate to let me know.


Ken Jones

From: <jimfields4226@xxxxxxx.net>
Date: Saturday OCT 20, 2011 6:45 pm
To: greg@ozonegeneratorsusa.com
Priority: Normal


Got the package from the post office today. Thanks for putting a rush on the order. Man, we used it for a few hours downstairs and it's doing a great job so far. Hope to have everything done by Monday, at this rate were looking good. Thanks for your advice on the phone. Im looking towards buying a few more down the road for the shop now.

Talk to you soon, thanks again! Very happy.


From: <ohhgary@xxxxx.com>
Date: Tue, Sep 20, 2011 4:42 pm
To: greg@ozonegeneratorsusa.com
Priority: Normal

Dear MaxBlaster

Thank you thank you thank you... the Masterblaster (maxblaster) saved us... we followed your insturctions and used it in the living room  last thursday. We ran it exactly as your described over the weekend just in time for the air to be almost  totally free of any scentby the time Garys folks made it.

We plan on running it some more this week, just to be safe, then on the program cycles you described. Thank you again also for moving us ahead in line a little for shipping knowing how urgent it was... I know you guys are busier than ever (that's so great) and how inconvenient it probably was for me to call so rushed and frantic.

So thank you, we reallty like your product, and that your company is in USA and growing!

We will mention this to Garys boat owners association and you may just get some more biz from us.

Best wishes

Lisa and Gary

From: "Megan" <m.twink@xxxxxxxxxx.com>
Date: Sun, Sep 10, 2011 9:15 am
To: greg@ozonegeneratorsusa.com
Priority: Normal


Hey just wanted to tell you we got the machines after the slight hiccup with the shipping address. I appreciate you looking into and correcting the address on the labels so we didnt have to bother. By the way, the machines work TREMENDOUSLY so far. Cigarrete odors in the basement we discussed were blasted away in less than 48 hours, and we now can use it for functional space. I really appreciate your advice and follow through... thank you, best of luck with your growing business!!

Thank you again,

Megan and Frank Twink

From: "Mike" <mike.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx@knology.net>
Date: Sat, March 26, 2011 6:31 pm
To: greg@ozonegeneratorsusa.com
Priority: Normal

Greg, I received the unit Friday evening and the deference between the
unit's performance is like night and day... I am excited to try it out in
the next few days... Thanks much for working with me through this,
your courteous approach has earned you a loyal customer... I look forward to
engaging in future business with you and your company...


Michael T.

From: "julio @ suite sixx auto"
Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 8:14 am
To: greg@ozonegeneratorsusa.com
Priority: Normal

Mr. Maxblaster

Thank you for the rush service. It really helps seal the deal. But the real bonus came when we ran the machines. These are like having 3 or 4 of our 'other' machines. We started using them on just about every car and it seems to be working great so far.

How often do you think I'll need to replace this gen pack given how wet our conditions are? Please advise.

And thanks for the great help and the strong machines... we look forward to getting another 10 real soon for our growing business... just like yours!


J. San

From: "john sabo"
Date: Fri, January 7, 2011 3:34 pm
To: greg@ozonegeneratorsusa.com
Priority: Normal


Finally got the Max Blaster. Getting ready to start the first treatment. Question- Can I attach this spout outlet and tube thing to the inlet end of the machine instead of the outlet end? I turned on the machine and BAM it puts out tons of ozone... much more than the (name withheld) I used before buying yours. Almost makes up for the looong shipping times. We'll see in the end- hoping for the best.


*editors note- we don't just publish the responses that are 100% positive. We admit as we've grown (almost too fast) it is very very tough to keep up with fast shipping times during the busy season. We are expanding our facility as we speak to allow for same day shipping in spring/ summer 2011. Thanks to all those who waited patiently for your machines to arrive over the last few, demanding months. Greg M.

From: "peterszuba2"
Date: Fri, November 5, 2010 1:15 pm
To: greg@ozonegeneratorsusa.com
Priority: Normal

Thanx Greg!! I used the Maxblaster already...day after receiving. Put in a 1,500
sq ft home with moderate smoke (cigs) odor....left for 10 hrs. Left windows cracked
1" and fans going...placed unit in front of A/C return. After removing machine
(last night)...came back today to close windows and turn off fans...smell was gone
and had a great, clean/fresh smell. Thanx!!


From: "John Sathower"
Date: Fri, October 22, 2010 7:23 am
To: info@ozonegeneratorsusa.com
Priority: Normal

Thanks for the great machine. I finally got to use it and the bed bugs seem to have gone away completely... for now at least. Man this Maxblaster puts out a ton of ozone. I had another ozone generator that was all shiny and flashy but it stunk as far as ozone capabilities. Your maxblaster blows it away.

I intend on running the second application today like we discussed to kill the eggs. This ozone generator machine is hugely valuable if it kills proves to kill these bed bugs. The problem's been real big. Good luck and thanks for the powerful ozone machine.



From: "Justin Anderson" <-------------@rescare.com>
Date: Thu, October 21, 2010 4:36 pm
To: info@ozonegeneratorsusa.com
Priority: Normal

I have been using the MaxBlaster ozone generator for about 2 months in a group home that I manage. There are people who have continence issues, mold, and cat urine smells around the house in the recent future. Since using the maxblaster ozone generator I have
noticed a huge decrease in the unpleasant smell around the house. The thing that
made me want to sent this email is more directed toward the owners manual. I seldom
read owners manuals, but this one is the most easy to read, entertaining, and
information manuals I have ever read.

Justin M. Anderson
Community Living Coordinator - Birch, Frazier, Gow, Robinson, University, Westlawn
ResCare Kansas - Life Choices
5112 E. 36th St. N
Wichita, KS 67220

From: "The Keelin's" <ChristineKeelin@ - - - - - .com>
Date: Thu, October 14, 2010 9:28 am
To: greg@ozonegeneratorsusa.com
Priority: Normal




Dear Greg,

We want to thank you for your MaxBlaster. As landlords, we use your
MaxBlaster in our rental properties between tenants to prepare the home for
the next family. We have had tremendous success in permanently removing the
smell of cigarettes by running the device through the return air ducts for
24 hours. At the completion of the treatment, you can not detect that a
smoker previously lived there and the smell does not return. I can not tell
you how invaluable the ability to clean a house like this is. Additionally,
we have also had tremendous success in cleaning the air in homes that have
been closed up and have a musty smell. No hint of the mustiness after
treatment! We even successfully used your device to eliminate the odor of a
decaying critter stuck in the walls of another home! Amazing!

Finally, we rent our own home to beach goers in the summer. We also use the
MaxBlaster to sanitize the bedrooms after the vacationers leave for the
summer. This provides us with peace of mind that our home is ready for us
to resume occupancy and that the summer vacationers have not left behind any

Again, thank you for producing a product that is invaluable to us as
Landlords. We appreciate your product as well as your customer service
after the purchase. We would highly recommend your product to others!


Christine and Peter Keelin

From: "John Hickling"
Date: Thu, September 23, 2010 10:28 am
To: Info@OzoneGeneratorsUSA.com





Thank you for your quick response with my newly delivered non-working unit. Like you
I felt it was just a loose wire and an easy fix. I just wanted to let you know I had
complete confidence in your company, since you have kept me updated throughout the
order and delivery process with no empty promises. There are a lot of ozone
companies out there who do not meet that standard. Thanks again.


PlumKleen Carpet Care

/081410/ on sept 14:10 don winner wrote...


Thanks again... the ozone generator was well worth it. used it for the car first and it worked great. 3 2-hour treatments from outside the car and the odor was completely gone. The money was worth it just for that.

Then, used it on the closet with the gear as we discussed. Again excellent results.

Thank you for communication throughout.

Best of luck with your busy demand.

Don W

/081410/complete ... trans comp.

August 16, 2010

Hey Greg just a quick note to thank you for your good service.

And for an amazing ozone generator... MAN, this thing cranks ozone.

Even though I got a little worried when it didnt show up as fast as I wanted I understand things can get hectic for a young company when demand goes up so fast.

What was most important is that you communicated this to me AND that the ozone generator was exactly as advertised.

I look forward to buying more... thanks again for taking the time to speak with me on the phone for so long during your busiest season.



August 11, 2010

Hi Tom and Greg...

Just wanted to drop a note and make sure youre still making ozone
generators... in case I need more.
Havent talked to you in a while... so I looked you up on the net... went
to your new website...
and went ...Wow! ... holy "bleep".
Website looks awesome. New logo looks awesome too!
Glad things are going good and wish you guys all the best.

The last couple of units you sent are still going strong...
my only complaint right now is, I wished I had more.


RMO Environmental

July 20, 2010

Herb Hille <hille.herb@gmail.com> to Greg@OzoneGeneratorsUSA.com

 Really, really, very pleased with the quality and performance of both of the  MaxBlast units you've sent to me.
                Astonishing output.

         &.... astonishing .. to me... that, these days, anyone actually has a quality and accurately described product...
... not just the usual expected  blather of self-serving window dressing come-on.
     Thank you

May 17th, 2010

Dear Greg,

   Thank you for all of your help in getting my Maxblaster. Your customer service is as good as it gets! Within an hour of receiving it, I put my new Maxblaster to work. I do crime and death scene cleaning. As part of our remediation process, we always treat the area with ozone to eliminate odors and other volatile organic compounds. The machine I was using was adequate, but it always took more time than I wanted to spend. Thanks to my new Maxblaster, my ozone treatment time has been cut by a factor of 4. Meaning I only need to use the Maxblaster 1 hour as compared to 4 or more with my old machine. I consider this to be money in the bank. After all, time is money!
   If anyone is considering buying an ozone generator, do yourself a favor and buy this one! I did months of comparative shopping and it all boils down to the output of ozone. The Maxblaster is so powerful compared to most every other machine out there. I even saw ozone generators selling for $2100.00 to over $3000.00 that do not produce the results of a Maxblaster. I am so confident this will work for your needs, I have given Greg my toll free number (877-581-7759) and have offered to have any potential buyers call me personally for my opinion. My Maxblaster paid for itself the very first day. Simple, easy, effective, incredibly well built and powerful is how I would describe the Maxblaster. This is now my favorite piece of equipment. I wish I would have purchased a Maxblaster years ago. It works and works well. Thanks Greg, the Maxblaster and your company are just terrific!
Michael T. Fesi
Owner Advance CSC
24/7 Service at no Additional Charge


Hi guys,


I have had great results so far with the new MaxBlaster.  The results generated a reference and a thank you letter for de-smoking a hotel and training complex.  That letter immediately found its way into my next janitorial bid package and was the focus of my potential customer in the bid presentation.  I will be surprised if I don't get the bid. 


I do have a question however.  I haven't any idea what to charge for my service.  Do you have any support in the area of pricing?


Jim Sheffer

SpeedShine Floor Service


Hi Greg,
If it's easier for you, I'll get the timer and box myself and you can forward the $40 through paypal. Do you need any further info from me to do so?

Thanks for all your help. I do understand that things can go wrong despite our best efforts. I'll leave a positive feedback on Ebay despite the problems. And - the machine is great. I used it on a client's burnt house where the refrigerator has been sitting full for 4 months and the whole house stunk of rotting food. I tried it for 4 hours, but that didn't work as the house had some openings. I did it again for 9 hours and the house had no smell of rotting food or smoke at all! Also used it on the moldy smelly basement and it worked perfectly.


- fishcapt1n26


I purchased your value package recently and am thrilled with the results using it

on my home and have also eliminated odors in the homes of my friends and family. I

want to order the tri-fold brochures you mention on your site and take it to the

next level and promote as a business. I also ordered your ebook separately than

realized your package deal.

 Let me know


 Jim Trainor

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